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1.Installation of equipment:
 ●Properly choose size and form of dust remover according to dusty place and practical situations.
 ●According to scene situation,put dust remover in proper position,Model A dust remover may not be fastened with foot bolt (if the scene is balanced),Model B dust remover can be connected to dusty place directly,Model J dust remover should be fastened with foot bolt.
 ●To dust removers with auto-control box,we should choose proper position to install electrically-controlled box,and lay wires according to the principle picture of required control method,then connect according to electric system.
 ●Each connection between dust remover and dust remover system should be equipped with sealing compound to prevent gas leak and reduce dust-catching effect.

2.Use of equipments:
 ●Implement test run according to the specification of electrically-controlled system,meanwhile,the electrically-controlled system should be turned to manually controlled position,check whether the examine and repair entrance as well as ash exit are tightly closed,then start fan and vibrator respectively,the ash removal valve should be started if with ash removal system,the rotation direction of fan should be noticed when starting,if it is reversion,the wind power of inlet and outlet is more weaker,vibrator and ash removal valve without requirement of rotation direction.
 ●Properly adjust interval of vibration and ahs removal according to dust consistency,push "stop" button in good season if it is manually controlled to make dust remover work,generally speaking,clear ash for 3-4 times within 8 hours,last 30-40s in each vibration.
 ●The dust powder in drawer of Model A dust remover should be cleared regularly to prevent dust from exceeding the capacity of drawer,and the ash exit should be closed tightly after clearing,Model J dust remover should eliminate accumulated ash regularly.
 ●The examine and repair door and ash exit should be sealed tightly when dust remover is working normally.

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